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Design Your Style

Custom Color 

How It Works

Our custom color services offer a personalized touch to our products; Hair Bundles, Closure & Frontal, and Wigs. With our expert colorists, you can choose various colors and shades to achieve your desired look. Whether it's a subtle highlight or a bold statement, we can help you create a unique and beautiful style that suits your personality and taste. Our custom color services ensure you get the perfect color match and quality you deserve.

Step 1

Select Product

Select any of our products that fit your style. Follow the options to choose how many custom colors you would like to apply to this product. 


Step 2

Choose Color

Choose from a wide variety of color codes to create your desired look! 


Step 3

Your Inspiration 

Give a brief description of what you're looking to design with color! 


Step 4

Working Together

After the purchase is complete our team will reach out to request information and inspiration pictures and chat more about how our designers can work with you to create that perfect look! 

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